Jumpsport 550fi Folding Fitness Trampoline, With 1-year Of Streaming


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Benefit from total-body workouts, lose weight and feel great with the JumpSport 550fi Folding Fitness Trampoline bundle. The 44″ high-strength frame provides a large surface area that gives you freedom to move. This bundle includes: (1) 44” Folding Fitness Trampoline, (1) Adjustable Handlebar, (1) 4-in-1 workout DVD, (1) BONUS 3-in-1 Fitness DVD, and (1) extended 365-day free trial of JumpSport Fitness TV to jump-start your workouts!


JumpSport Fitness TV delivers professional fitness trainers to your home, 24/7. Learn beginner to advanced bounce workouts, with new routines added regularly. Fully accessible on any internet-connected device or via Roku and Apple TV app stores.


Quiet. Smooth. Stable. Easy. Fun.

  • Quiet. Traditional rebounders are typically noisy and squeaky. JumpSport eliminates the noise with its proprietary elastic cords, so you can exercise while watching TV without bothering your family or neighbors.
  • Smooth. Our highly-durable elastic cords provide a gentle, low-impact bounce that is easy on the joints and feels great—and is up to 40% less jarring than traditional spring rebounders.
  • Stable. For your safety and peace of mind, JumpSport’s patented anti-tip, arched leg design and sturdy construction provide confidence and stability.
  • Easy. The fitness trampoline is almost fully assembled when you take it out of the box. Simply screw in the six legs and add the bolt-on handle bar, and you can be jumping in less than 5 minutes.
  • Fun. Bouncing on the fitness trampoline is fun for everyone, bringing out the kid in each of us!

Easy to Fold, Move, and Store

Moms, dads, kids and grandparents love how easily the JumpSport 550fi folds, so it’s simple to transport it anywhere or store it away in seconds. Lightweight and with easy-to-remove legs, these stable trampolines deliver valuable, low-impact workouts.

With a 44″; frame, the Model 550fi is designed for jumpers who need the freedom to move. The unit uses EnduroLast elastic cords that will outlast the competition and takes the performance to the next level with 36 extra firm cords that deliver quicker response and higher intensity workouts.


NEW! 365-Day Free Trial of JumpSport Fitness TV

Our streaming video service provides an extensive home fitness library with easy-to-follow exercises and complete workouts. From basic movements for beginners to short, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines, as well as longer full-body circuits and barre- and Pilates-style exercises, JumpSport’s professional trainers lead efficient workouts that help you get and stay fit, build strength, burn calories, and have fun. JumpSport Fitness workouts keep your sessions fresh, exciting, and fun, while inspiring you to achieve lasting results. Make your fitness trampoline a regular part of your exercise regimen.

Access JumpSport Fitness TV from your favorite mobile devices, desktop, or laptop. Watch on your TV using Apple TV, Roku, or cast your workout from your iOS device to your TV with AirPlay (for Apple TV) or Chromecast.

Still prefer DVDs? We have you covered. The included 4-in-1 DVD gets you going right away with four professional workout videos on one disk (Basic, Strength, Core, and Cardio) — like having your own private JumpSport master trainer at home!

Our BONUS 3-in-1 DVD offers three more videos to choose from that incorporate the included handle bar: Cardio Intervals Workout, Balance Movements Workout, and Resistance Training Basics Workout.


Improve Cardio Fitness and Torch Calories . . . While Feeling Great!

Independent research proves that exercising on a JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline with our video workouts can improve cardio-respiratory fitness and burn calories—faster than running 6 MPH or biking at 14 MPH—while feeling much less exertion or intensity.  This low-impact exercise delivers the results of much harder workouts without the intense stress on the body. Not only is rebounding an easy way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and torch calories—it’s also fun and invigorating! Choose your own workout level, from easy to vigorous; either way, the fitness trampoline is an effective tool to improve your health.



  • Exercise That’s Fun for Everyone!
  • Fast, High Calorie Burn – Trim Fat and Tone Your Entire Body
  • Effective Cardio Routines
  • Strengthens Core Muscles
  • Supports Detox/Body Cleansing Programs & Lymphatic Drainage
  • Improves Balance, Agility, Flexibility & Spatial Awareness (Proprioception)
  • Low-Impact Workouts with a Wide Variety of Exercises
  • Helps Reduce Risk of Falling for Seniors
  • Physical Rehab Tool
  • Exercise at Your Convenience
  • Comes with 2 DVDs with 7 Workout Videos and 365-Day FREE Trial of Streaming Video Workouts

Model 550fi Specifications

  • 44″ Metallic Charcoal frame with with 37.5″ Permatron® mat provides large surface area with lots of freedom to move
  • Half-fold feature for easy transport or storage (NOTE: Remove every other cord to open or close, then reattach cords to bounce.)
  • Sturdy, commercial-grade construction with 16-gauge steel frame tubing for strength and durability, and our highest recommended user weight rating (up to 300 lbs.)
  • 36 EnduroLast™ XF elastic cords allow you to increase workout intensity
  • 7 adjustable tension settings facilitate changes to mat firmness for a customized bounce and extended cord life
  • Virtually silent and smooth, cushioned, yet lively bounce
  • 6 removable legs – no tools required – or attach permanently with included wrench
  • Patented arched-leg design resists tipping, for added safety
  • FREE Adjustable Handlebar included for added stability and variety
  • Included 4-in-1 DVD gets you started with cardio, core, strength, and balance exercises
  • BONUS 3-in-1 DVD expands fitness options with professional workouts using the included handlebar and more
  • NEW 365-Day Free Trial ofto JumpSport Fitness TV with professional fitness trainers
  • Easy to Move; Model 550fi weighs 25.6 lbs w/o handle (35 lbs w/ handle)
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